Thursday, 1 October 2015

Dining in at the Eiffel Bartholdi Holiday Apartment

Many of our guests take great pleasure in shopping for food locally in order to prepare and eat at home. To help our guests we have prepared a food shopping guide to assist them around the market and help them to shop just like a local.

Here is a short extract:



This is the closest boulangerie to you and is on the corner of the rue Auguste Bartholdi and the blvd de Grenelle.

Their bread is very good, especially if you ask for their baguette tradition, made with fresh yeast. (« Une baguette tradition s’il-vous-plaît ») Their tarte fine aux pommes is excellent. Secco is closed on Sundays.


This boulangerie, open on Sundays is a good alternative to the bread in the market which is never as fresh. Turn right on the blvd de Grenelle and it’s at number 69, by the ceramic tile shop. Belles are closed on Mondays.



At 49, blvd de Grenelle and this traditional brown (slightly sour) bread has Guerande salt added.
Ask for a “une demi-miche tranchée” (half a sliced loaf) for around 4 €. This tasty bread also has the advantage of lasting more than one day. Their croissants are excellent

You can even ask for two large slices “Deux grandes tranches s’il vous plaît” which at around €1 is about the price of baguette


Boulangerie Alsacienne

This specialised boulangerie is on the corner of the rue Lourmel and the rue Béatrix Dussane.

They have excellent bread, quiche and cakes from Alsace, the homeland of Auguste Bartholdi

To preserve your bread for more than a day, wrap it in a tea towel in order that it retains humidity. Slightly old bread can also be revitalised with a 15 second zap in the microwave.

The guide also has sections on the local butchers, grocers, cheese shops, wine-shops and supermarkets. There are also two organic supermarkets very close by.

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