Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Young Children at the Eiffel Bartholdi

At first glance, the apartment may appear exclusively to be a 'romantic-getaway' or 'grown-ups' only kind of place. However we are finding that many of our guests come with young children because a private apartment is far more child friendly than a hotel.

The one drawback is the small bathroom, but if you can live with this, you will find that the Eiffel Bartholdi Holiday Apartment is a great place to spend your holiday with your children.

  • All things considered, the apartment is fairly toddler proof. We don't have lots of fragile ornaments placed delicately on small tables.
  • There are two fold out sofa beds in the living room and we can provide a cot for very young children. 
  • We can provide a baby chair and lend you a baby stroller.
  • Smaller children can enjoy their meals at the coffee table.
  • The neighbourhood is very safe.
  • There are plenty of parks nearby.
  • In the Champ de Mars, there are donkey rides and merry go rounds.
  • There are plenty of things for children to do in Paris
Do not hesitate to ask us for more information on what to do when you visit Paris with your children.

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