Monday, 10 October 2011

10th of October 732 - The Battle of Poitiers

Arab Mohammedan invaders had occupied Visigoth Spain since 711 and were working their way through France following the 720 takeover of Narbonne.

The clash between the Frank Charles Martel and the Ummayad Abd al Rahman took place somewhere between Tours and Poitiers on the 10th of October 732. 

Charles Martel choose the place of battle on top of a hill where his infantry stood firm while charge after charge of Arab cavalry tried to break the ranks of the Frankish footsoldiers. The battle ended when the Moors heard that their plunder from earlier battles was being taken by the Franks from their base camp. Panic quickly spread through the mohammedan cavalry and in the turmoil Abd el Rahman lost his life. 

The Arabs fled back to Spain where they remained until the Reconquista finally reclaimed  the Iberian Penisula for Christendom in 1492

Charles Martel was the grandfather of Charlemagne the founder of the Carolingian Empire. His tomb can be visited in the Abbey of St Denis.

Charles de Steuben, Bataille de Poitiers - Musée du Palais de Versailles

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