Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Snow on the Place Dupleix

Like many places around the world this winter, we are enjoying the benefits of a very cold winter thanks to the EU ban on evil high carbon footprint 100 Watt lightbulbs. The logic behind this ban is that if you buy the overpriced imported neon bulbs, you are using only 20 watts of koala hugging energy instead of the 100 watt polar bear killer. Although the toxic mercury and terbium filled bulb is perfectly safe unless it breaks, the himalayan glaciers are grateful to our politicians who have brought  flickering hum of office lighting into the home.

In the apartment bedroom there is a ten year old 100 watt bulb in use for the ceiling light. When you turn it on it, it springs to life immediately and the room is bathed in light. This does lack the mystery of the dark flicker as the neon photons slowly brighten and we will of course replace it with an eco bulb when it eventually dies.

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