Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Dining In

In earlier postings we mentioned the proximity of small local shops and the twice weekly market. In our opinion and the opinion of many of our guests who have commented on Trip Advisor, this is one of the more memorable aspects of this neighbourhood.

Considering that we spend such a large proportion of our lives shopping for food, preparing meals and cleaning up afterwards, its seems appropriate that we ensure all stages of this process are as pleasurable as humanly possible.

There is, I'm sure you'll agree,  a real difference between  buying meat from a butcher who will slice the rumpsteak in front of you and a choosing a shrinkwrapped steak in a supermarket aisle that will be scanned in by an unmotivated cashier.

This posting on the Thinking Housewife blog reflects our feelings on supermarket shopping. Buying food at the supermarket is a sometime necessary chore, but when staying at the Eiffel Bartholdi, it's quite possible to feast like a royalty having never stepped into a supermarket.
Eating good food prepared with fresh ingredients is one of the finest recipes for human joy and despite a history of civil strife going back hundreds of years, this is one aspect of life in France that all Frenchmen can agree on.  

Buying food in a foreign country can be a little daunting but it needn't be. We have tried to make this task as easy for our guests as possible by creating an 8 page guide full of colour photos helping you to find your way around the local shops and the market.

This guide is frequently updated as we obtain more information, (often from our guests) that may be useful for anyone staying at the Eiffel Bartholdi.

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