Wednesday, 21 October 2009



On the corner of the rue Auguste Bartholdi and the blvd de Grenelle you will find an excellent selection of bread, croissants, cakes, salads and take away lunches by the boulanger patissier Stephane Secco.

Their tarte fine aux pommes is excellent. Secco is closed on Sundays.

Boulangerie Alsacienne Maeder Benôit

At 18, rue Lourmel this boulangerie specializes in cakes and bread from Alsace. This is where to get your kugelhopf and bretzels. It's also an excellent boulagerie to pick up a lunch for around 6 €.

Boulangerie Eric et Olivier Belle

No photo I'm afraid, but this family run boulangerie has the best baguette in the area. You are also assured of a very warm welcome. They are at 69, blvd de Grenelle.

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