Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Why the name Eiffel Bartholdi?

Auguste Bartholdi, the sculptor who created the Statue of Liberty as gift for the United States depended on Gustave Eiffel's engineering techniques to provide the interior structure of the statue.

The apartment is on the rue Auguste Bartholdi, a small street with no more than 10 buildings and a short walk from the Eiffel Tower.

Pictured above is the Paris replica version of the Statue of Liberty. It was a gift to France in 1889 given by French immigrants living in the United States. The inscription on the plaque reads "IV juillet 1776 = XIV Juillet 1789". Bartholdi was clearly no monarchist.

The Paris version of the Statue of Liberty is on the Ile des Cynges, a short walk from the apartment.

I will try and include more on the life of Auguste Bartholdi and the Statue of Liberty future postings

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