Thursday, 13 August 2009

In-house Entertainment

I don't suppose that you are visiting Paris in order to flop in front of the TV or spend hours on the Internet. However this is the 21st century and you are not on a vacation in an isolated Tibetan hut. So, what can you expect to find at the Eiffel Bartholdi holiday apartment:
  • Free broadband Internet. Just bring your laptop and you are online.

  • Hundreds of TV channels. And now the small print. Only two channels are English language, Ted Turner's CNN and the UK state channel, BBC World. Sorry about the awful choice but it's not my satellite. Feel free to channel surf the rest of the world though. You will find French, Spanish, Polish, Russian and Portuguese channels

  • Free phone calls to many destinations including the UK, USA, Australia, Israel, Poland, Italy and France of course. Mobile phone calls to the USA and Canada are also free. This will make a welcome change from the cardiac arrest inducing surcharge that gets added to your hotel bill when you just called the railway station to ask for information

  • DVD player with dozens of films including The Good, the Bad and the Ugly and other family favourites.

The loud speakers are wall mounted so you can properly enjoy the Ennio Morricone soundtrack as dispatches Lee van Cleef to the place where he will be barbequeued for all eternity.

We do have other movies there of course, but they aren't as good.

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