Wednesday, 12 August 2009

The Bedroom

The bedroom has a large 1m 60 cm wide bed. According to Wikipedia, this is King size for Europe but only Queen size for the USA.

Either way it's wider than the average double bed and you are assured of a good night's sleep.

The mattress is a firm Dunlopillo latex model and you will not find the lumps and springs that seem to appear when you wish you had stayed at home.

We haven't skimped on the bedding either. The sheets are a fine weave french that are professionally cleaned to ensure the whiteness always stays that .

The decor of the room is fairly sober. There is a black marble fireplace with a gilded stucco mirror. This mirror dates from 1906, when the building was built and is an original feature of the apartment.

There are table lamps on both sides of the bed and a ceiling light. The prints on the wall, (to the right of the picture above) are original framed prints of the 1900 Universal Exposition in Paris. Although this apartment wasn't around then, the Exposition was just nearby at the Champ de Mars. The 9 month Exposition had a record 50 million visitors, which is remarkable in a period of no air travel.

We couldn't not have a poster of the Eiffel Tower, but we ensured that the one on display is a rare photo of the tower taken in the 1920s. Back then the first floor gallery of the of the tower had a much more elegant series of arcades. The Trocadero Palace of that period is also no more, since replaced by the neo totalitarian Palais de Chaillot. Soviet cinema fans will recognise the Mosfilm logo which featured the statue which I believe stood on Ploshad Mira in Moscow until it was dismantled after the end of the Soviet Union.

Back to the room of course. The window looks over into the courtyard. As we are on the third floor, the sun doesn't enter the room directly but the room is certainly not dark. The courtyard is quiet, but should there be some noise, you can always close the double glazed window. You won't hear a thing. We have also sound insulated the walls so that you and your neighbours can be blissfully unaware of each other's existence.

A large cupboard and a couple of chairs make up the rest of the furniture.

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